20 September 2012

Somebody's not paying attention.

From mlb.com:

The Mets continue to do whatever they can to smooth the road between R.A. Dickey and a 20-win season, moving up Dickey's next start so he can pitch twice more at home.

Uh, yeah.  Because as we know, nothing helps a Mets pitcher's cause more than a home game, right?

09 September 2012

Hey Bill Beaman...

...would you mind toning it down a bit?  The stadium's empty and your call is coming over the TV really clearly. It's confusing the hell out of my dog.  She keeps running to the front window looking for you.

02 September 2012

What the fudge is THIS?

Spotted in the ebay section of the Mets Police Capitalism Sidebar:

Mitchell & Ness Cooperstown Collection Daryl Strawberry Home Jersey

If, by "Cooperstown Collection," you mean a 1991-92 home jersey top with a 1987 road letting crest, or course.

Unfortunately, this particular auction expired just as I was posting this, but fear not, there is another.