15 November 2012

Hubba! Hubba!

If this jersey were a woman, I'd offer to buy it a drink.*

For some reason, I tend to gravitate towards road jerseys anyway, but this baby is absolutely gorgeous.

Don't get me wrong, the homes are nice, too, and were it not for a year of nearly-identical blue BPs, I'd have also greeted that unveiling with boundless enthusiasm. I kinda already figuratively fired all those bullets, though.

This, though...wow.  I'd say there's about a 70% chance I'm wearing one of these come Opening Day.

*Hypothetical situation also assumes either I were still single or the wife was down with it, neither of which is going happen any time soon.

14 November 2012

Congratulations, R.A. Dickey

Anyone who's found there way to this blog already understands the many levels of awesome Dickey winning the Cy Young entails, so I'll just add that it's a good thing nobody broke the consecutive scoreless innings record this year.  Yeah, I still hold a grudge about that.

Official mlb.com release here.

08 November 2012

Fare ye well, Jason Bay.

Well, it happened.  The Mets negotiated a release with Jason Bay.  I'm sure I'm just echoing the sentiments of every other fan on the internet, but what a shame this is.  Not on anyone in particular, mind you, just a shame in general.

It's not like Bay is anywhere close to the first big free-agent flop in Mets history--or even recent history--but he's the only one I recall feeling sympathy toward.  As much as his production may have stunk, there's nothing else negative to say about him.  He played hard, he wasn't a pox upon the clubhouse.  He struggled mightily, but never packed it in.  He was at least once outright mistreated (seriously, I'd love to have a chat with whoever decided to put him on a plane from Atlanta to Denver mere hours after he was knocked senseless on the infield).  He was subjected to the criticism and boos and whatnot that come when one's performance is wholly disproportionate to one's contract, but he never once complained, never once gave an excuse, never once said something derogatory about anyone else or otherwise put his foot in his mouth.

Now, I'm not going to lie.  There were times I groaned when he came up to bat in a key situation.  I even kinda groaned a little when he came back to a lineup that was otherwise clicking right before the All-Star break.  Even so, the man was all class during his time with the Mets, and no matter how badly he may have been doing at any given time, all you could do was root for the guy and hope he somehow snapped out it.

Hopefully, this will be one of those "right time, right place" deals from which both Bay and the Mets benefit.  Why he struggled as he did in New York will forever remain a mystery, but I know more than a few Mets fans will keep an eye out and hope Jason Bay finds his groove with a change of scenery.