28 April 2013

Insight from the Mrs.: Did the All-Star break come early?

I just read MetsPolice asking the question, "Hey is anyone else feeling like it’s right after the All Star Break?"

He's not the first person to make that comparison.  He's actually a couple of days behind my lovely wife on that one.

Let me tell you something about my wife.  She may ask me about the same player "Who's that?  Is he new?" three times a week, and she still hasn't quite grasped how to determine which team is home and away, but somehow, she still manages by osmosis to have her finger on the pulse of this team I follow daily, and her insight about the general state of the club never ceases to amaze me. 

Given that context, let me share Mrs. Sparks theory about the Mets recent woes: the consecutive game postponements in Minnesota and Colorado essentially became an early All-Star break.  As I've explored here before, it's not just in our heads: the Mets actually DO tend to suck coming out of the break.  Similarly, the Mets went into the Minneapolis snow-out with a record of 7-4.  Since the snow-out the next day in Denver, they are 3-9.

Perhaps the team's reaction to a couple of days off isn't exclusive to July.

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