04 May 2011

Did Terry Collins almost say "balls?"

In tonight's post-game news conference, someone asked Terry Collins if his team's lack of offensive production was more frustrating because there were times early in the game where the Mets had a chance to get some runs across.  Here is Terry's answer, as transcribed by me via DVR review:

[COCKS HEAD, GRIMACES, STROKES CHIN] Well, I think the stat, someone just said, is we're 2-for-29 or 2-for-something with runners in scoring position.  Not just tonight, I mean, that's exactly why we're sitting where we are.  Last night, night before, night before that.  You know, we had Doc on the ropes a couple of times, couldn't get a run in.  I mean, it's just...we've got, we've GOT to bear down.  We've got to have some [sudden, awkward pause].  And again, [throws up hands] you know, I'm the manager. I've got to get 'em better prepared in those big situations.

C'mon, Terry.  Say it.  Somebody has to.

UPDATE: Now with video!

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