02 May 2011

Uniform talk for an off day: How about you meet us halfway, Mets?

In another hit to the Ditch the Black movement, the Mets discovered last night that the overwhelming power of the lucky black jerseys can generate a 2 runs in 14 innings, so I guess we'll be seeing more of them.

Anyway, the past week or so got me thinking about the road set, the dreaded black, and how maybe--just maybe--the Mets could find a happy medium.  I propose this, which I'm pretty sure is a look we've never seen since the black sleeves and socks came to be prior to the adoption of the two-tone as a road cap:
Dave Howard and the merchandise people get to keep their black road hat (which everyone seems to agree is worst of the overabundant three, but that's a different issue entirely), but us old farts get to see the team wearing primarily its, well, PRIMARY color, which I'd like to remind everyone is theoretically still blue.

Wearing a dark cap with road greys while not tinkering with your sleeves and socks isn't unheard of.  The Red Sox have done it.  The Cardinals do it and have for a long time.  Yeah, I know...the Sox and Cards both wear darker belts in that situation, but when I Photoshopped (well, "freeware Photoshop Knockoffed" if we're being honest) the Mets uni that way, it just didn't look very good.  I'd certainly be willing to concede the belt, though, in exchange for the socks and sleeves.

C'mon, Mets.  If you won't get rid of the black, at least meet us in the middle.  This is just one of the many, many, MANY ways to do this better than you're doing it now.

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