08 April 2011

One week in, they are who we thought they were

As much as I'd like to drone on about Opening Day at home, work's getting in the way and I'll be relegated to the occasional figurative peek at the radio until the late innings if not for the entire game.  On the bright side, I suppose that exponentially increases the odds of a Dickey no-hitter or some other magical moment taking place.

That said, the Mets roll into Citi Field right at .500, which Rob Dibble & Co.at XM's First Pitch--as well as the Mets own Ed Coleman--treated as cause for celebration this morning.  Me?  I'm overcome with a resounding sense of "meh."

Did I expect more?  No, but I didn't expect much less, either.  They took 2 of 3 from the Stanton-less Marlins (in all fairness, these are Bay-less Mets themselves) and lost 2 out of 3 from the Phillies.  How that could stun anyone but the most pessimistic prognosticators is beyond me.  On the other end, any sign of shocking the world after rattling off 3 straight after taking it to the Phillies in game one ran into a hard dose of reality as the Mets, as if mosquitoes in road greys, were quickly swatted away after buzzing too loudly in Philadelphia's collective ear.

Yes, these Mets are smarter, more aggressive, and spunkier than their recent predecessors, but they also remain for the foreseeable future a team with a right fielder still getting his feet under him, a serviceable but stop-gap pitching staff, and perhaps most importantly, one without an ace.  And they're sitting right at .500 after having already won 3 in a row and lost 2 in a row over 6 games.

In short, for now at least, they're exactly what I'd venture to say is a majority of fans expected.

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