20 April 2011

What's Laster than Last?

 "Making it worse?  How could it get any worse?"

A quick look at the standings shows us that as of this moment, the New York Mets own the worst record in the Eastern Division, the National League, and the entirety of Major League Baseball.

They've so far followed up losing 2 out of 3 to the 2nd-to-last-place team in the East with losing 2 in a row to the last-place team in the Central, a feat that more closely resembles setting the pasture on fire than making hay while the sun shines.

The Mets are the owners of the worst record within the division in intradivision games (tied with the Nationals, to whom they've lost 2 of 3, at 5-7), and within any division in interdivision games (a perfect 0-for-6).  They also have the worst record at home of any MLB team (1-9, a good piece worse than the 2nd-worst Pirates at 1-5) and the worst current 10-game stretch by 2 games (1-9).  The only sub-record onto which the Mets don't hold last pace is road record, where the Red Sox's 1-7 actually blows the Mets' 4-5 out of the water.

Just for a little perspective, the Commissioner's office just took over the Dodgers, and they'd still be 3 games up on the Mets for a12th wildcard spot if such a thing existed.

Gentlemen, we have reached the valley floor.  .278 works out to 45 wins on a season.  The worst 162-game season ever managed 43 (note the 1962 expansion Mets only posted 40 but had 2 games rained out).  These Mets very well may continue to wander and wind their way through the canyon, but lower ground than that upon which they currently tread simply does not exist.  There is no incentive--absolutely none--for this team to NOT seriously shake things up.

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