01 April 2011

Schedule quirk starts Mets 1/2 game out, media frenzy ensues

With the Nationals and Braves playing their opening tilt 24 hours prior to the Mets taking on the Marlins, it was a foregone conclusion that the Amazin's would roll out of bed on Opening Day 1/2 game behind one or the other.

Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped the baseball writers and talking heads from using this morning's standings to pile on with their continued doomsday assault on the Mets.

"That the Mets could actually manage to fall behind before even playing a game is just more evidence of how pathetic this 4th-rate franchise has become," wrote former Newsday and current ESPN New York columnist Wally Matthews. "MLB would do everyone a favor if they'd just dissolve the team and send Jose Reyes and David Wright to sit on the 27-time World Champion Yankees(tm)' bench where they might learn a thing or two from real baseball stars."

Added George Vecsey of the Times, "Is anybody really surprised?  How can they be?  In fact, I fully expect the Phillies will beat the Astros Friday afternoon, putting the Mets in 3rd place by the time they start their night game.  No fan should have to subject themselves to this.  For the Mets, each day, if not each hour of the season will be a new circle of hell."

The most unique perspective, though, was voiced by Jay Jaffe of the Baseball Prospectus.  "We saw this coming a mile away.  Heck, we had the Mets finishing 1/2 game below .500 on the season.  How prescient is that?"

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