05 April 2011


I'm watching a DVR recording of the game as I type this, having been at work earlier when the game was live and relying on the gametracker on my phone with the occasional listen-in on XM.  Initial excitement when the Mets got 2 on with none out in the 1st was tempered by Hamels getting out of the inning without giving up a run, but more baserunners in the 2nd was encouraging and tided me over until they broke loose in the 3rd--all the while, Chris Young hanging zeros on the board.  I actually heard Emaus' hit that plated the 5th run on the radio, and hearing Larry Andersen disbelievingly utter, "Wow" in in his gravelly voice has already provided a season highlight.

Sure, it's only one game--the 4th of the season--but come on, these guys opened a can Campbell's Whoop-Ass tonight.  Regardless of whether or how long it stands, the Mets finally took the fight to the Phillies (no play on words intended) for once.  I'm sure by the time I get to the post-game show, there will be a parade of Mets denying that tonight sent a message, but whether they think that or not, we're certainly free as fans to feel it.  I've lamented for the past few disastrous seasons that this was quite frankly a hard team to like.  After whimpering through The Collapse, there was plenty of discussion as to what kind of stones this group had--or lacked, as the case may be.  Stepping into Citizens' Bank Park mere days into the season and not only not rolling over but outright planting a boot up the Phillies' collective behinds is a definite sight for tired eyes and a big step in the right direction.

Will it last?  Who knows.  But it's gonna be fun while it does.

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