22 June 2012

Broadcast frustration (and how to beat it sometimes)

Before I even get started about tonight, I must express my latest frustration with the MLB television rules.  Today, I finally sat down to check my recording of the All-Time Team show, and there was none because it was blacked out as out-of-market programming.  I'll never figure this crap out.  Mets Weekly?  No problem.  Kids Clubhouse?  Yeah, they'll let me see that.  All-Time Team presentation?  Nuh-uh.  The Braves might get jealous.

Anyway, on to tonight.  For some reason, there's no Mets feed on Extra Innings.  I have no clue why, as PIX games have been carried for a couple of years now.  Whatever the reason, the only TV feed I have is the Yankees broadcast from my9.  I thought maybe I could tolerate it with Al Leiter and David Cone in the booth, but the Yankees-centric discussion got old in a hurry.

So as I type this, I'm watching video from my9 and listening to Howie Rose and Josh Lewin on the WFAN audio feed via SirusXM.  Ain't technology wonderful sometimes?  The only thing kinda annoying is that the audio is just a hair ahead of the video.  Were it the other way around, I could just pause the TV for a second and let it catch up, but I can't pause the radio.

Anyway, this setup still beats having to watch Fox's overproduced crap and listening to McCarver and Buck.  Speaking of which, I won't be allowed to watch tomorrow's game at all.  I get Braves vs. Red Sox, which of course means I'll be listening to Rose and Lewin with the TV off.  Can't say I'm too upset about that.  Heck, I might be out fishing during the first couple of innings anyway.

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