03 June 2012

So what's it going to be like now?

[Reprint of my comment left at Faith and Fear in Flushing: Night at the Opera (Bravo! Bravo!)]

I honestly find myself wondering what’s it going to be like to live in a post-no-hitter world. It’s been such a part of the Mets fan’s consciousness, living without it, while obviously good, will nonetheless be radically different.

No more wondering every day if this will be the day.

No more groaning every time I hear that some other team has had a no-hitter.

No more announcers re-opening the discussion every time a pitcher gives up his first hit some time past the second inning.

No more nagging, endless reviews of how many pitchers threw no-hitters for some other team either prior to or after their Mets tenure every single time anyone anywhere throws one.

This must be how Red Sox fans felt after winning the World Series in ’04. We finally got the monkey off our backs, but it’s a monkey that was part of us. This is going to take some getting used to.

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