11 June 2012

A quick look at some no-hitter merchandise

Often, on a quiet Sunday while the game is on, I'll browse ebay for Mets merchandise or, as is often the case, really screwed up merchandise, but this weekend, I was on mets.com and happened to notice the ad directing folks to the special "Santana no-hitter" page of the MLB shop.

As you should always expect, some of the merchandise is downright mundane (everyday Santana jerseys and tees in no way actually commemorating the no-hitter), and the rest runs the gamut from classy to creepy. What follows isn't at all a complete overview of every item, just a few notes on some I found interesting for whatever reason.


The "'NO-HAN' No-hitter Adjustable Cap" version 1 & version 2

Personally, I find the whole "No-han" thing kind of cheesy, but beyond that, I suppose neither of these is particularly good or bad.  If someone were to give me one of these, I doubt I'd ever wear it.

The (just plain) "No-hitter Adjustable Cap"

This one, I like.  The logo is sharp, and the signature is a nice touch.  It gets the point across without being loud, and there's no forced attempt at being witty.


If apparel isn't your preferred way of commemorating a historic, stat-based event, there's a nice selection of things to hang on your wall, including:

OK, this thing is awesome.  An action pic, a shot of the scoreboard, and a notated linescore.  Classy, classy, classy.  Had I not already invested in some other memorabilia quickly after the game (more on that later), I'd probably get one of these.  If I happen upon one on ebay years from now, I'll probably make a run at it.

The perfect way to let everyone know you were there on that magic night when the no-hitter drought finally ended (or got on the internet and spent $50 for a reprint, anyway).

Good idea, bad execution.  First off, if you read the full description the piece of a "game-used" baseball mounted into the collage isn't necessarily from that game, just "a New York Mets regular season game."

Secondly, the centerpiece photo appears to be a mini-Johan bursting through the abdomen of a full-sized Johan as orange blood splatters everywhere.  All I can think of when I look at this plaque is that infamous scene from Alien.

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