08 June 2012

Well, this sucks....

I was just polishing off my take-out dinner from Applebee's as the game started, and all appeared well for night of Mets vs. Yankees, but during the top of the second, a heavy storm decided to pass right over my house and knocked out my satellite signal.  Contrary to what the cable company tells you, that is not a common occurrence--I've watched baseball on DirecTV as hurricanes passed through with barely a blip--but, nonetheless, the one-half of a percent of time lost due to weather decided to hit during this particular game on a Friday night.

While I could pull out the XM and just listen to the audio feed, which isn't as sensitive as television, since this is a Yankees home game, that would entail listening to John Sterling, so no, not gonna do it.

Well, look at that.  Just as I was finishing that paragraph, the game came back.  Johan's not looking too good, is he?  Oh, well, plenty of game left.

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